February 16, 2014

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Overall, I was very pleased with the Admissions Consulting support I received. My head consultant, Read, was a fantastic tutor that helped to bring out the areas of my life that would resonate with the various schools I applied to.

Read was a master at reviewing each essay revision I did with a very pragmatic, unbiased approach. He used our prior sessions and prior revisions to make commonsense suggestions about areas I should elaborate on or not include. He helped to focus my essays and improve the flow.

The various school specialists were also helpful in providing additional, specific information about each school I applied to. Although, some were better than others (Manisha for Tuck was great!).

I had also used Veritas for GMAT prep and, as I worked to improve my GMAT scores, the folks in Veritas allowed me to continue reviewing the online materials for an extended period. This proved very helpful.

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