March 16, 2014

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My experience with Veritas Consulting was fantastic! I started working with Dave ~5 months before the first round app was due for the B school that I really wanted to attend. We talked through my background, goals, strengths and weaknesses, developed a schedule to get my app ready for the first round deadline and a plan to address the weaknesses in my application. The B school application process was stressful, but Dave kept me focused and coached me through it. In the beginning we typically spoke every other week to check in on progress on my GMAT, resume, letters of recommendation, etc. However, during the last month leading up to the deadline, we typically spoke weekly, if not multiple times a week, to discuss drafts of my essays. He really pushed me to open up in my essays, show my personality and go a level deeper. I wrote numerous drafts, which Dave always promptly reviewed and commented on, until I finally found my voice. In the end, thanks to Dave's encouragement, I couldn't be happier with the essays I wrote and the application I submitted. Sharing the same philosophy as Dave, I left nothing on the table and put my absolute best foot forward. I'm sure I could have submitted an application on my own, but having a coach like Dave to push you to submit your very best is invaluable. I highly recommend Dave and Veritas, it's well worth the investment!

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