March 31, 2014

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I contacted Veritas quite late in my process and was convinced I could still aim for Round 1 for some Schools. The first thing that impressed me was their quick reaction but at the same time their upfront assessment and advice on where I currently stand vis-a-vis my objectives - Together we decided we would rather have a thorough plan for R2. On several occasions Veritas provided a very quick turn around with tight deadlines and constructive and detailed feedback.

What I think sets them apart:
- PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE: My head consultant provided guidance that allowed ME to determine the best schools, programs and goals for ME, and evolve into the MBA candidate I am today, and tell MY story the only way it should be told - as a reflection of who I am. For this reason I was convinced of the school choices and I see a fit with the schools I chose. As a result I enjoyed the process and learned more about myself than I expected to.

- SPECIALIST FEEDBACK: Specialists I dealt with for specific schools were, well, true specialists. Some had served on previous AdComs for the schools in question and were willing to go into the details of what my application has to offer that could be interesting from their point of view an knowledge of that school, and how to emphasize it. Specialists also helped me rehearse by providing mock interviews and challenging me to bring out my best during the real interview

- DIRECTOR FEEDBACK: I had the opportunity to get feedback from Veritas Directors on some questions that reinforced my confidence in my approach and allowed me to cover all grounds up until the interview prep.

Veritas met my expectations and are always improving their services in terms of giving customers visibility to track their progress and map their MBA application journey.

I would definitely recommend them

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