April 02, 2014

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I chose Veritas because I needed extra help with admissions strategy and my essays. What is great about the company is that they pair you up with a primary counselor that works well with you, whether be the same professional industry, graduated from your desired MBA program, ect. My primary counselor was Nita. I definitely recommend her, though I'm not sure if you can request a certain counselor. She went above and beyond throughout the entire process. She really knows when and what you need to focus on at each stage. She also makes time in her busy schedule for skype meetings and returning emails. Frequently, she would be on a business trip half across the world but would still email me back or suggest a skype meeting.
All in all, the entire process working with Veritas was definitely a team effort. They will try their best but you must try your best as well. Do not expect them to do everything for you. If you are independent and on top of things, then working with Veritas will be a blast. They will get their parts done but they will also expect you to do the same (finishing your drafts on time, working hard on the GMAT, ect.). You are an adult. They will treat you as an adult. Definitely be honest with your primary counselor. If you feel stressed out or unsure of some things, let him/her know right away. Do not hide any elements of your life from your counselor. They are there to help you, but if you are not honest, it will be very transparent when your specialists ask you questions that AdCom people will most likely ask as well. Also, from the very beginning, ask your primary counselor where you stand, before you begin the essays, in terms of schools. That way, you will get a realistic idea of which schools you can or cannot get in. Work with your primary counselor in choosing some schools above and some below. These people are not wish granters. You may want them to help you with both your dream schools and your safety schools or just your dream schools, but knowing where you stand definitely helps with getting into a MBA program. You do not want to end up not getting into any, unless you don't mind trying again next year.

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