April 09, 2014

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Not all consultants are alike and Rachel Shelton is terrific. I am convinced that her advice and feedback played a vital role in my acceptance to business school (Wharton). Throughout the process, she seemed genuinely invested in my success, unfailingly patient with my questions and essay iterations, and consistently reassuring and encouraging in the face of my anxiety.

We were in a bit of a time crunch with one of my applications, and she was always ready with timely, thoughtful feedback and constructive criticism that was delivered in a way that I always felt empowered and optimistic after our talks. Her feedback was spot on - she knows what she's talking about. She helped me with interview prep, and everything she said would happen did happen. She also helped me to recognize strengths I didn't even realize I had, and she helped me to emphasize them in my application.

With the other application, we had more time, and she would periodically check in with encouragement while I was working on those essays. Working with her felt like working with a really smart, invested friend who was extremely generous with her time.

Having worked with other consultants, I can report that they are not all this way! But Rachel is excellent and I recommend her unreservedly.

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