June 12, 2014

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Veritas has an advisory process with constant conversations and feedback. My experience was as follows: I let them know what type of program I wanted to go to, in my case it was a Master of Science in Information Systems, based on that I was matched with an excellent advisor with a masters in the area who worked in the field that I was pursuing. With my advisor we set up a game plan chose what schools to apply to and reviewed my profile focusing on how to emphasize my strengths relevant to the type of program I was applying.

I enjoyed the optimism that my advisor had about my possibilities of getting in to a top program school. After continuous conversations and in depth review of my work experience, knowledge and application essay, I was told to choose my recommenders wisely. My advisors optimism during the application process was transmitted to me, as an end result I was admitted to my dream school. I definitely recommend Veritas to anyone who is wishing to apply to a Masters program.

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