June 24, 2014

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I worked with Katty Ooms Sutter to prepare my applications. Though I originally considered INSEAD and HEC, we decided to go for INSEAD (R3) and LBS (R4) (not safety school; all in). I got interviews at both schools and was accepted at INSEAD.
Katty is a very knowledgeable consultant, having 10 years of experience as admission director at IMD.
She took all the time needed to get to know my story, review my essays over and over, and always with great turnarounds. She has a great sense for personal contacts and she quickly understood who I was, what my needs were and how to push me to give these essays the best of my story.
Her assumptions have always been right and it seems she knew the end of the story in advance. I always knew I was in good hands and I could rely on her. Having this support during this stressful journey is just outstanding and help me achieve my dream goal.

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