January 21, 2015

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Bryant - Highly Recommend!


While I'm very happy I chose Veritas, I think my consultant Bryant is where most of the credit should go. (His full name is Scott Bryant but he goes by "Bryant" on here) Honestly, if he went to a competitor consulting agency, I would follow him - he was that good. I’m going to one of the elite MBA programs thanks to him : )

There’s no doubt that B-school applications are very hard to put together. However, I really felt like I had won the consultant lottery with Bryant. He was always honest, available, had very helpful and non-obvious feedback, was very prompt with his emails, was always prepared, and knew a lot about the process / schools. From the very beginning he told me that he’d be brutally honest with me and that it’s not personal, it’s just what the adcoms will do when they see my apps. That honesty turned out to be where most of my advantage in working with Bryant came from. He didn’t hold back on my essays / story at all. I like to think I’m a very strong writer but I was absolutely put in my place after Bryant had a look at my essays – the guy knows exactly what veins to hit to make your application pop.

I also wanted to point out something that’s a bit more subtle: Bryant’s a very astute listener. When I was shopping around for consultants I noticed that almost none of them cared about what I had to say. Veritas, and Bryant specifically, listened well and often – I think that’s a hugely underrated part of working with a consultant and why I was so impressed with him. I feel that it certainly translated into stronger essays, tighter applications, and, ultimately, my admits.

I HIGHLY recommend Bryant to anyone who’s looking for a consultant. I don’t think I ever told him but even if I hadn’t gotten accepted to all of my schools (well technically I was waitlisted at one, but I didn’t want to go there in the end anyway!), I would still rate Bryant as a 5/5 – I can honestly say that he gave me every chance to succeed and that any deficiencies in the process of applying to b-school would be attributable to me and me alone. He really was a stellar consultant and was definitely worth the investment. Anyone who works with him will be thanking him when they get their decisions.

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