March 22, 2015

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Working with Veritas and Max was a pleasure. Veritas had a very structured approach I appreciated. The head consultant and specialist school consultant approach was very thorough. My head consultant was Max Wein and my specialist were Dozie Azotam and Oladapo Bakare. All of which were great. I felt very overwhelmed on how I would craft my story and get it all done on a compressed schedule. Max laid out a very structured approach and guided me through it very efficiently. I am also an older candidate which makes me a bit out of the window of an ideal candidate. Max helped me shine the advantages that I would bring to the table with my greater work experience.

In addition he was very responsive and always available not just for the essays and interview prep but all kinds of general application advice. He was very happy to hop on the phone anytime I needed clarification or input. We worked on the multiple iterations on all my essays. He gave me excellent guidance to start and as we moved along looking back now I can see a huge difference between the beginning and end product with Max's help. I was intially very hesitant to get a consultant due to the cost but I can say without a doubt working with Max was well worth it. I felt great about my applications and the product I put out to the schools and would highly recommend Max to anyone.

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