April 15, 2015

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Had a great experience with Veritas Prep, but I would say that it really does depend on the consultant that you get.

The first person I was assigned to wasn't great, but as soon as I voiced my concerns I was reassigned to someone else. Matt turned out to be an absolute legend. He's really helped me analyze and dissect every part of my application. Most importantly, he was always available to respond to my emails and address my concerns. If the consultant you are assigned to asks you to limit communication with them to specific milestones, write back to Veritas and ask for somebody else.

I liked the idea of having "school specialists" look over my application, but I am not sure how much that really helps. I recommend you should ask to be assigned to a "head consultant" who has been to the school you really want to get into as that will be your primarily point of contact. I think that's more important than finding a consultant that has the same background as you.

Having a "stranger" look at your application really does help in finding areas that could use with more clarity or could be improved.

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