April 19, 2015

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I have worked with Drew on my application to Harvard Business School and Stanford GSB. Drew has been a very responsive consultant and offered great insights throughout the process.

We started the process really early. Right after the second round deadline. We started with an initial phone call to get to know each other. I gave Drew my spiel and we directly knew what I will be focusing on in my essays. After that, we started working on my resume. I thought my resume was in a good shape but Drew really helped me transform it. My initial draft contained a lot of technical information that needed to be transformed into business-friendly format. Five drafts later, I was really impressed by what we had. Drew did not re-write the resume but gave me a lot of advice and insights that polished my background info and presented my achievements in a better way.

After that we moved to the essays, we had another long phone call with more details and another phone call with the school specialist, who was very helpful as well. I drafted three different essays for the same school and Drew read all of them and helped me get the valuable points out of each one and combine them into one comprehensive essay. After that, we started working on the first draft and it took us 5 rounds of edits to get to the final product. Next, we sent the fifth draft to the school specialist to get a different perspective.

Then we started working on the actual application and filling the short answers. Drew went through my application once and then he sent the entire application to an admission specialist who went through the entire application in detail and offered advice to the parts that needed to be strengthened.

On each school application, there were three people who went through my application and offered advice and critique all of whom are affiliated with the school (either went to the school and served on the adcom there), which is very rare to find in any other admission consulting services.

Drew took my application seriously, answered all my questions, and helped me polish and take my essays and resume to the next level. He even checked with me to make sure that I submitted the application before the deadline. When I compare my first draft to the last one, I see a HUGE difference because of his valuable input. Despite the high cost of the service and the fact that I have not heard back from the schools I applied to, I am very satisfied with the rather large investment I made by choosing Veritas and Drew to help me with my application and I highly recommend this service.

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