April 22, 2015

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I applied to the deferred admit/2+2 style programs, meaning my application coincided with my senior year of college (read: writing application essays and studying for the GMAT while completing my thesis, battling senioritis, writing papers and doing problem sets, AND securing a job for next year). There is truly no way I could have completed my applications, let alone been proud of what I'd produced, without Drew's help, support, and guidance. He was there for all of my, "But what are they really looking for??" questions, for advice on GMAT prep and where to focus my efforts, for explaining to me how to sound like a future business executive instead of a scared 20-something in denial about graduating.
All of his responses were prompt and thoughtful, his edits on my essays and resume were thorough and helpful, and his excitement when I got a 760 on my GMAT and when I received interview invites was genuine and made me truly feel like I had an ally. I had a fantastic experience with Drew and Veritas Prep and fully recommend it to anyone looking to apply to an MBA program, deferred or otherwise.
*I marked N/A because I'm waiting on decisions from schools round III programs.

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