May 11, 2015

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I put a lot of research into selecting a company to work with, and found, unsurprisingly, that it is not the company so much as the individual consultant that makes the difference. The thing that was somewhat surprising to discover was how a company's operations can inhibit a consultant's freedom to tailor their program to their student. I went with Veritas Prep because I liked the autonomy they give their consultants to work on your timeline, adapting to your style, yet with the general milestones put online if you want to go the more structured route (I didn't). They also pair you with an additional consultant who went to your target school (or schools, in my case) which was great for getting a second opinion and doing interview prep with.

Veritas was very accommodating in pairing me with a different consultant when the first one I spoke with seemed to have a different style than what I was comfortable with -- with Drew, I found a perfect match for my working style and personality. To counter my application mood swings, Drew was a responsible, calm, and candid force in my life. He has a reassuring presence that is never overbearing and always respectful of your opinions. Drew asked the right questions to guide me to a good place, then worked with me daily to refine the rough edges. I know this sounds corny, but Drew's greatest strength in admissions consulting has got to be his natural personality. I felt he genuinely wanted to help, and is naturally very responsible and respectful in his mentorship. You can't teach soft skills like that in any school, and to me, the mentality of working together with a trusted adviser who gently buffs your edges to make you shine (as opposed to a self-declared "expert" who crams you willy nilly into some sort of mold) made all the difference.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but I was accepted to Wharton and am on the waitlist for HBS.

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