May 24, 2015

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As an international student with no exposure to the b-school Admissions processes, the Veritas Prep School Packages product and service was invaluable.

From the first Skype call my lead consultant, Daria Burke, was enthusiastic and insightful and crafted a plan to guide me through the Admissions process, specifically setting out strategies to address the weaknesses in my application, whilst highlighting my strengths. The services package is designed to guide you through the reflexive processes which are critical to honing your application and making an impactful statement of 'Why you?' as one applicant amongst many. The quality of work you're held to as a client is high, even for high achievers, and that's why the process works!

Daria was committed and a person of her word, responding to deadlines that we negotiated, and working with my availability despite awkward timezone differences. I believe that Daria was committed to seeing me succeed in the Admissions process for our mutual benefits. She was genuinely excited to hear my progress through the interview stages to offers of admissions.

My school specialists were a great benefit of the Veritas Prep process, helping me to, again, pick out the key aspects of my application which were relevant to each school, and highlight them. An unexpected outcome was the intrinsic value of chatting to alums and getting a sense for each school's character. Remarkably my first impressions of each school based on these conversations aligned with my later on-campus experience for interviews. For students who may not be able to visit campus, the school specialists are a great addition to the Veritas Prep experience.

I highly recommend the Veritas Prep School Package to any b-school hopeful who is interested in a mature, personalised and directed strategy to the admissions process.

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