June 19, 2015

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How I got into GSB

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I graduated from a non-target University just a month ago and I achieved something that I thought was impossible: I got admitted to the most selective business school of the world through deferred admission (as a college senior): I will be attending Stanford GSB two years from now and could not be more excited.

When applying to such programs lots of things come into play. However, Travis and his Veritas team were the single most important factor that contributed to my success.
The first thing Travis does is he gets to know you personally, which is incredibly important because given his broad experience he can highlight some aspects of your life or personality that you otherwise may just overlook.
He then helps you transform your application into a cohesive story that is not just independent answers to questions but that really describes you as an applicant. I would not have been able to do this on my own because you are to "immersed" in your own life, and thus a different and experienced perspective helps you pinpoint important things of your life that should be showcased in your application.
Additionally, Travis was just extremely helpful. He would work overnight, through weekends and adjust his busy schedule to make sure the deadlines were always met.
Veritas was with me every single step of the way (I worked with them for more then a year) helping me prepare for the GMAT, choosing what schools to apply to, picking my recommenders, writing my essays, preparing for interviews, managing being put on the waitlist and finally celebrating.
And I can tell you that this is a company that deeply cares about your success and not just about making money, they will do anything within their reach to help you achieve your goals. They count with invaluable resource like school experts and fantastic school insights that you will not get anywhere else (believe me I tried).

Recommended 100%, worth every penny.

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