July 20, 2015

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Veritas offers a full-spectrum service from helping applicants select schools and pairing applicants with the right consultants all the way up to the submission of applications. Before I got in touch with Veritas, I knew which MBA programs I was interested in and so I didnt need that part of their service.

Instead of being matched up to a consultant based on the Myers-Briggs personality test (I skipped that altogether, it is a little too gimmicky for me), I requested to have Rich as my head consultant because he had a very similar background/work experience to mine and was also selected as Veritas Consultant of the Year. Furthermore, he is an alumni from my top choice school. I figured if there was anyone who would understand my profile and relate to the type of work I am doing and be able to translate my strengths into a strong application, it would be him.

Rich was really honest and straightforward with me from the get-go. From the first call, he set the expectations, sized up my strengths and weaknesses, and laid out a rough potential timeline of milestones that I had to get done in time for the application deadline.

I had some good discussions with Rich about the way I wanted to present myself in my application, the strategy I should take to applying, and then got to writing the first few drafts.

Rich helped the most when I had come up with some solid drafts-- he was able to take what I wanted to say and articulate it in a clear, concise, and understandable way. It really helps to have someone thats able to take a step back and ask you, is this really what you want to say, how about presenting it this way? Especially when you've got your head in the weeds writing all your drafts.

He was always cognizant of the timeline and expedited the rest of the Veritas application review process when we were running tight on time.

I would recommend Rich... If you're looking for an expert who's able to take your application from a 5-6 to a 8-10 then he's your guy.

He's punctual, which matters a lot. He calls when he says he will call... One of the risks you run when you sign up for these school packages is the consultants cant/dont keep their appointments (most of them are also working professionals and have personal/work engagements) because you pay a flat rate and you pay upfront. Rich was very professional.

He also genuinely cares about helping you put your best foot forward. This matters a lot because you want a consultant who's really looking out for your best interests.

Hope the review helps!

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