August 02, 2015

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Wonderful help and support from Veritas Prep!!

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Being someone who is not from an industry full of MBA hopefuls, I didn't have many people to leverage in my MBA application process. For this reason, I decided to work with an admissions consultant, Dia Draper (Veritas Prep), to ensure I was able to paint a clear picture of my goals, story, etc. I worked with Dia using the school package for 2 schools and then hourly for final edits on other schools' essays. I also worked with Christine Balzano, who was equally amazing. Both Dia and Christine really pushed me to my limits and definitely made me do some out-of-the-box thinking. Rather than doing any work for me, they helped with the brainstorming process and provided insights on the impressions I was giving of myself in my essays and application, and ways to strengthen any weaker areas. If you are like me, and don't work in consulting or banking, and don't know too many people who have gone through the application process, I highly recommend working with a consultant, for at least one school. I loved that both Dia and Christine were always very honest with me and provided excellent constructive feedback. Lastly, I loved that Veritas didn't nickel and dime me with the hourly package. If I needed to have a quick call with Dia, it was never a huge issue. I would not hesitate to work with Veritas again!

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