October 12, 2015

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I worked with Bryant as my head consultant. I started early in the process, but when the essays were announced, I was having a hard time writing compelling essays. But with Bryant's help, I was able to get into a rhythm that I did not lose till the last of my applications went out. From resume-preparation to getting the right story, Bryant did not hesitate to do multiple iterations and each time with really comprehensive feedback. Don't mistake admission consultants' services to be some sort of spoon-feeding. It definitely requires strong determination and willingness to introspect on what sets you apart. That's where Bryant came in and in fact, all my other school specialists as well. With crucial information on the school's culture, placements and curriculum, it was very helpful to have an insider's perspective. I always got timely feedback and it's important to have someone else as invested in your success as you are and I found that dedication in Bryant and my other school specialists.

Although I did feel the pinch, I really feel that the investment in Veritas Prep's services was more than worth it and I am saying this even without hearing back from any of my schools yet!

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can make it to my dream school.

Thanks Bryant and thanks Veritas Prep for helping me put my best foot forward in this arduous process of applying to business schools!

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