December 21, 2015

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Rachel Shelton is the best


I thank my lucky stars that I was paired with Rachel Shelton as my consultant.

1) Rachel is super smart. She has the kind of intelligence that impresses smart people. Her in-depth industry expertise is staggering. As accomplished individuals looking to get into top MBA programs, we’re all smart. That being said, Rachel is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met.

2) Her response time is incredibly rapid. Barring any emergencies, Rachel has always responded to me within 24 hours, including weekends and holidays. Her work ethic is an inspiration in and of itself.

3) Her feedback is always thorough and excellent in quality. I could tell she read every line of each draft that I provided. Her reviews are detailed and comprehensive, every time.

4) Rachel is a masterclass in good mentorship, coaching, and consulting. In her infinite patience, Rachel’s feedback is always positive and optimistic. It’s easy to be blunt when you know so much more than someone else – being nice takes effort. Rachel always focuses on the positive, but not at the expense of quality. She offers constructive, practical, and insightful advice that will bolster your motivation, not stifle it.

5) Rachel is just an all-around amazing human-being. You’re going to be sharing a lot of your personal life, professional life, dreams, and aspirations with your consultant. It’s always easier and to do so with someone like Rachel who is kind, encouraging, empathetic, and caring.

Rachel’s industry-specific knowledge, practical advice, continuous availability, and rapid turnaround time alone are worth the price of admission. The fact that she’s a wonderful individual who’s a joy to work with is icing on the cake.

Hire Rachel Shelton – she’s simply the best.

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