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Veritas Prep Packages


Andreea is a great consultant. She provided great feedback and was readily available. Here expertise of the school programs where I applied was incredibly useful while I built my story and researched my schools. After our initial calls she was able to give me information about specific programs that I had not seen or heard of before, even after scouring the schools' websites. While building my essays, she was a great resource to bounce ideas off. At first I was concerned that using a consultant would change the voice in my essays. However, after our first few sessions Andreea was very useful while coaching me through my own process, so that in the end my essays were (proudly) my own and really told my story how I want it to be told.

The school specialists were very helpful as well. They gave great insight about the different programs, and I was surprised at how well they fit my own background and goals. We had a lot in common and they were really able to speak directly to my personal goals and the specific courses, clubs, and programs I should look at while at the school. When it came time for essay feedback they provided the same coaching, rather than "steering", that I received from Andreea.

While I felt that I have a fairly unique background (don't we all), being able to bounce ideas off Andreea and my school specialists was invaluable to sculpting the best essays that really showcase my strengths and my story.

I know the forums are split between using a consultant or going solo, but after working with Veritas I can say it is money well spent. They will save you time, provide great insights, prep you for an interview, and make sure the schools you are looking at are a great fit for you.

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