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Can't go wrong with Neil Chong & Veritas! Pleasantly surprised!!!


Let me give you a short background on why I chose Veritas (or any admissions consultant for that matter). I had a "mediocre" GMAT score of 580, although I also had tremendous work experience and a solid 3.4 undergrad GPA and a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State.

I want to attend B-school in order to cultivate a new network, explore my entrepreneurial side, and potentially change careers (I've done sales for the past decade). For me, USC and UCLA were the only schools that made sense given the significant financial commitment and the fact that the other schools in So Cal aren't really near the top 25.

I knew that I'd be on the cusp when comparing myself versus other applicants. Insert Neil Chong here. Neil attended USC's part-time program and he started our work together by explaining that culture is everything at USC. He basically took a lot of the leg work out of my research and immediately started helping me craft a strategy for my application/candidacy.

Here are some of the things that I felt like brought the most value and justified the investment (yes, it is an investment in yourself!):
- Neil was extremely knowledgeable about USC and all the other schools in So. Cal
- Neil was VERY responsive and professional, which was especially crucial when I was writing my essays.
- He is very intelligent, understood grammar/syntax, and most importantly, knew exactly what USC's admissions board wanted to hear from a candidate like me.
- The strategy we created was spot-on and undoubtedly got me into USC's part-time (PM) program.

Now a little more about Veritas. First off, I'll tell you that I wasn't planning on using them, despite having a good experience with their GMAT prep course. I was leaning towards Stacy Blackman. I ended up selecting Veritas because SB didn't have a consultant who attended USC and I wasn't very confident that they'd be responsive given the # of consultants they have on their staff. The Vertias methodology offered me everything I needed: final review of my essay by Neil and another "USC-school expert" (Nita was an Anderson alum and clearly knew the ins and outs of the program), a "flight test" done by a former head of an admissions board (invaluable validation given how much time I invested in fine-tuning my essays).

Needless to say, I didn't have to use the interview preparation that came included with my package. That is okay, because I was accepted IMMEDIATELY after I applied. I a lot of this to Neil and Veritas!!!!

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