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Latin american top school Veritas 5/5

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I knew I wanted to get an MBA and wanted to use a consulting firm to help my chances.

I filled the personality test and, one day after, I got an email from Emily mentioning that she graduated in one of my target schools and that she was going to be my head consultant. I have to say that she is a superb consultant. She had a lot of patience, especially when we started. I remember that my outlines were very broad and I had no idea how detailed they had to be or how to approach the questions. She kindly explained to me how they had to be, explained topic sentences (I had no idea what they were), and reviewed +30 drafts and outlines. I remember talking with her and exchanging outlines sometimes every day of the week, including weekends. I could tell that she really cared about my application as much as I did.

Emily was very candid and if she didn’t like something, she was very objective mentioning why it was wrong and how could it be improved. Additionally, she has admissions experience and that came really helpful, as in some essays I wanted to mention some things but she explained how it may give a wrong impression on some of the admission people and told me how adjust my message.

She is super responsive. Whenever I sent a draft she replied very fast and gave me the date she was sending back the documents. I have to mention that she hit all the deadlines on time. There wasn’t even a single time when she didn’t deliver the documents when she promised.

Emily also explained how I had to work with specialists. These specialists were great as well. They were very kind and really gave me insight of my top choice schools. The interview preparation was very very good, I had tons of questions to practice from. The feedback I got from my mock interviews was incredibly detailed and really prepared me for the real thing.

I loved the ‘story’ of my application, and I couldn’t have done it without Emily’s help. Veritas is a really amazing service that works for international students too. Take me as an example, I’m from Venezuela, haven’t studied in the US and got admitted to a top school, thanks to Emily and Veritas services! I can’t recommend them enough!

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