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Veritas and Read have been a great help for my MBA Application


I want to strongly recommend Read and Veritas Prep for any one who is planning to apply for MBA program.

As the start, Veritas sent me a 300-page review book on top MBA program which is extremely helpful for me to pick right program.

After picking right schools, I worked with Read on my application profile. After thoroughly review my profile, Read worked with me for months to brainstorm idea for my essay. After each essay draft, Read carefully reviewed and pointed out any sentences which seem unsure, vague, or weak. As international student, I am really appreciated Read's attention to detail and patient to correct my grammar mistakes. I am thankful for Read's help and confident to refer him to any one applying to top MBA program.

Last but not least, Veritas also gave me GMAT material, valued about $800, for free. After using Veritas material, I was able to improve my GMAT score from 710 to 750+ in one month. I found the strategies highlighted in Veritas book are unique and very helpful.

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