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Worth the investment!


I had Rachel as my lead admissions consultant for a 3-school package. I initially was very on-the-fence about hiring a consultant to help me through the admissions process - it is a significant investment, but after this process I can say that it was absolutely worth it. Rachel helped me with 3 schools, and I was able to leverage what I wrote on those applications to apply to 2 additional schools as well.
Before beginning the application process, Rachel will help you with school selection. Rachel helped me to realize that one of the schools I was planning on applying to was not a good match for my career goals, which was extremely helpful and we chose to focus on another school which was a better fit. She will also go through a career goals exercise with you which is a really good opportunity to self-assess and I felt a lot more self aware and confident going into the essay writing process.
Rachel helped review the essays for each of the 3 schools and this is where I realized that having a consultant is 100% worth the investment. She would tell me if I was heading in the wrong direction, which is SUPER helpful in the beginning when you are first putting pen to paper. I can definitely say that when I compare my first draft to my final, they do not even look like the same essays! All of the writing and ideas were ultimately my own (she doesn’t write them for you obviously), but she does really help to break down what the AdComs think are important. Without Rachel my essays would have lacked focus, but with her they were all very tight and told exactly the story that I wanted to convey. Every word had a purpose, which is important with the small word counts for many of these essays.
The results speak for themselves – I was ultimately admitted to all 5 schools I applied to including my top 2 (Wharton and Booth). After you get acceptance calls, Rachel is a great resource to help you make your decision. She is a good listener and gives great advice. At the end of the day it is your personal decision where to go, but it is always nice to have an objective ear to listen to you! I am extremely happy with Rachel and Veritas prep as this was a great experience – would definitely recommend to anyone who is applying to b-school. I do not think I would have gotten in to some of these schools without her help.

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