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The Benefits of using an Admission Consultant


Prior to my experience with Veritas, I assumed that admission consultants were parallels with personal fitness trainers. You can really do it all by yourself, but they provide the needed accountability and push you to take that extra rep.
I've found that they are very similar, however, I am confident that I would never have achieved the results that I have without the help of my head admission consultant- Purvi.
The 3-part process included: Introspection, Draft Writing and Interview prep. (This is my own categorization)

I came into the process with strong emotions about getting an MBA but with few words to explain why. With Purvi's assistance I was able to dig deeper and to lay out all the pieces of the puzzle. Then she helped me arrange them so that I could eloquently convey my reasons for why I needed get an MBA and why now was the time.

Purvi is brutally honest. If my paper was horrible, she would not hide this fact from me. She was meticulous and would specify the areas that needed improvement. I found myself quickly improving as a expository writer and by the time I wrote the final draft of my 12th essay, I had attained a confidence in expressing myself that I never knew I had..

Interview prep
Each school has a list of things they are looking for. In my interview with Northwestern, I was asked an array of leadership and teamwork questions. In my interview with IE, I was asked multiple questions about diversity and global awareness. In the interview prep process, Purvi works outside of the efforts of the school-specific consultant (Veritas gives you a head consultant and school-specific consultants depending on the package you choose), to immerse you in the school's culture so that you have a good feel for possible questions.

The thing I value the most about the process is that several events took place in my life and I was left with a little over three weeks to write my application for 5 schools. Purvi and the other consultants were extremely helpful in working with me despite my time-sensitive situation. They were very helpful and supportive.
Today, all my applications are in and I've had 2 interviews and one admission offer thus far
If you are considering applying for an MBA, I would strongly advise using an admission consultant. It was and still is, an experience that helped me grow into a strong prospective candidate. Not to mention, you see the results way faster than you would with a personal fitness trainer!

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