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Would Highly Recommend Daria!


I had a great experience with Veritas and would highly recommend it to anyone who has considered hiring a consultant to help with the MBA application process. I chose the Veritas Comprehensive school package so that I wouldn't have to worry about counting hours, # or calls and revisions, etc. You get paired with a head consultant (I think they pair you with someone from a similar career background) who will be your main point of contact through the process and helps you craft the bulk of your application. Then you are also assigned school specialists to provide any school specific advice and focus areas that are important to highlight. Finally, you have the "final director review" who looks over your entire application before you submit. It was extremely helpful to have three different opinions on the strength/weaknesses of my application and helped me make necessary edits to create a strong application that was tailored to each school.

I credit my positive experience to being paired with Daria for my consultant. She's the best!!! She guided me through the application process and helped me craft strong essays that illustrated my values, goals, and reasons for wanting an MBA. During our initial strategy call, she was enthusiastic in not only hearing about my goals but also genuinely getting to know me as a person. She asked engaging questions to help me brainstorm content to write about and provided great feedback during each round of essay revisions. She was extremely responsive it often felt like I was her only client! From the initial call, I knew that I was in good hands and that she had my best interest in mind. Most importantly, she was a great mentor and kept me sane through this LONG AND PERILOUS journey. Without Daria, I really don't know if I could have gotten into NYU!

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