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Invaluable insights and guidance for a STEM background


My experience working with the Veritas Prep Team was absolutely invaluable to my business school applications. It gave me a perspective that I would have otherwise never gained and enabled me to attend the MMM Program at Kellogg.

I have a rather unique background in that I went to work for a research foundation studying global climate change out of undergrad were the company was run more like an academic institute than a profitable business.

Despite my lack of fundamental business knowledge, I spent a number of weeks with with my consultant talking through my experiences and generating the vernacular and insights to tell my story. This was absolutely critical to my application as my consultant brought out stories I thought would not be suitable for the application. I was wrong.

Through the process, my application transformed from a statement of fact patterns to a story about how I transformed a culture and created a company.

I would highly recommend Veritas. The team was easy to work with in that someone was also available to contact. In addition, I worked with 3 different consultants across the 2 school package, giving me the opportunity to gain reps on my story telling and solicit diverse feedback.

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