November 09, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep Weekend Course

Instructor Anthony Ritz

Location DC Area, DC USA

The first thing surprised me was the delivered box containing 12 boxes. Every book is detailed, including skill builder and homework problems. The skill builder lists all the things you need to know before going to class, and the homework problems give you a clear sense of what will be on the GMAT test.
I took the weekend course on Sat. from 10-5 pm. My instructor was Anthony, who was really organized and interesting. In the class, he tried to make sure everyone followed and give time for questions. Because our class was at weekend, we would always grab some food together with Anthony during the lunch time. Also, during break, he would like to answer extra questions. In general, he was an excellent instructor.
Because I am an international student, English is not my native language. At first I would have some concerns about reading comprehensions and critical reasoning kind of stuffs. However, I think Anthony made the material very clear and I can totally understand how to solve each problem.
By the way, because it was my first time to encounter the GMAT Test and I have not taken any real-test before, I cannot list my improvement on scores. But I highly recommend Veritas to those who are planning to take a GMAT Course. I think you can learn a lot through Veritas.

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