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Course Veritas Prep Weekend Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

Like many MBA hopefuls, I've been out of the academic game for several years. I was pretty intimidated by the GMAT and knew that I needed a prep course to drive my preparation. Fortunately, I got hooked up with Veritas and chose the weekend live online course due to my time zone (Hawaii). The structure of the 6-week weekend course is excellent - even with a busy work schedule, it allows you to work through the skillbuilders and lesson material prior to class to ensure you've got a foundation in that subject area. The actual classes themselves (as taught by Ravi) were spot on. Ravi didn't spend time explaining every math or verbal concept out there - there isn't enough time for that - but rather how to THINK about the application of those concepts when faced with challenging problems. I respond well to blunt criticism so I appreciated his no-nonsense approach. Additionally, the length of the course is perfect in allowing you to build a base from which to guide your own studies for another few weeks before taking the test without losing what you've learned. The online problem sets, solutions, and CATs are also very professional and accurate in my opinion.

Veritas Prep was the only resource I used to prepare for the GMAT and the proof is in the pudding: I went from a 580 diagnostic to a 750 official (6.0 AWA, 6 IR, 47Q, 47V). If you're looking for a one-stop shop for GMAT prep I would highly recommend Veritas. And Ravi. Choose Ravi. He's the man.

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