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Location: Online
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

I was hesitant to take an online GMAT Prep course because of my experience with online courses in college. I thought a GMAT online course would be similar - very boring and students would be basically unknown to the instructor. At the recommendation of a friend, I signed up for Ravi's Live Online Class through Veritas and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Ravi's classes are extremely engaging and just as interactive as an in-person class. Students type questions/comments into the group chat and Ravi addresses them immediately on camera. It's no different than raising your hand and asking your professor a question. Ravi is also really good at holding students accountable. If you obviously haven't prepared for the day's class, Ravi won't hesitate to tell you to log-off and come back once you have your act together. He expects his students to be prepared and eager each class, just as he is. His motto is "99 [percentile] or Bust" and he expects his students to approach class with the same mindset.

As far as content, I found the Veritas course materials to be really helpful. But, there may be other GMAT prep materials out there that are comparable. A few benefits of taking the class as opposed to just reading the textbooks were (i) being able to ask questions and (ii) the tips, side-notes, pointers, etc. that Ravi would verbally add to the written textbook content. I utilized a number of his pointers while studying for and taking the exam. The most significant benefit, though, was the level of engagement that Ravi created each class. Ravi's classes are interactive, energetic, and enjoyable and, because of that, I was able to focus and retain information quickly. Ron Awad was the TA for my course and the Ravi/Ron duo is second to none. Ron is super sharp and supplements Ravi's lesson with his own tips by posting them in the group chat. He is also hilarious.

In case you are wondering, my enjoyment from Ravi's course is my sole motivation for writing this review. I honestly never write reviews, ever, but I feel that strongly about Ravi's course. He is genuinely a bright, funny, likable guy. He has tremendous command of the course material and he was never stumped by a student's question - not once. His presentation skills are also superb. He doesn't constantly use filler words (ahh, umm, etc.) which would get very annoying after listening to someone speak for three hours. He is professional, takes his teaching very seriously, and cares immensely about the progress of his students. He's also quick to laugh and it's very rewarding to post a comment in the group chat that makes him crack up on screen. Definitely worth a try.

TL;DR - I highly recommend Ravi's Live Online course if you know that you want to take the GMAT and are willing to put in the work to crush it. Ravi’s course is not for those who "think" they want to take the GMAT. I took my exam four weeks after completing Ravi's course and got the score I wanted on my first attempt. I'm not saying that simply taking Ravi's class is a GMAT silver bullet. I do think, though, if you have the will and desire to crush the GMAT, Ravi's course will provide the tools to get you there.

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