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Course Veritas Prep Weekend Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

I always wondered if test prep courses worked. After taking the Veritas Prep Live Online course with Ravi, I have no doubt that I wouldn't have earned the score I did without Veritas Prep's and Ravi's guidance.

Ravi does so much more than teach content in each class. He does a deep dive into the mind of the testmaker because the GMAT is about logic and strategy, not content memorization. He is also one of the best instructors I've ever had in any subject area. The course was online, but the platform was well-designed and Ravi used it to keep us all accountable through question polls. If you get a question wrong, he will know, and he will call you out on it in a private chat. He doesn't do this to shame you, rather to condition you to expect more from yourself. You want an instructor who does this because it forces you to grow.

Perhaps one of the more impactful things about Ravi as an instructor, for me, is his 99er mentality and that mindset he nurtures in each of his students. I was motivated to study hard, not just for my own benefit, but also to ensure I did Ravi's lessons justice. I took my first GMAT 3 weeks after the live online course ended and scored well by most people's standards, but not by my own that I've come to have thanks to Ravi. I re-took the GMAT a little less than a month later and scored 40 points higher. I would not have done this if Ravi hadn't instilled in each of us this 99er mentality. Ravi took the usually daunting task that taking the GMAT is, made it fun, and gave me a sense of confidence and calmness I had never before felt when walking into a standardized testing center. I highly recommend taking any of Ravi's courses!

P.S. - The Veritas Prep GMAT material is also very good. Its questions and practice tests are harder than the real thing, which is good because it's better to train under tougher conditions. Good luck!

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