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Founded in 2002, EXPARTUS is the first MBA admissions consulting firm to use personal branding as a key part of the b-school application, essay and interview process.

EXPARTUS was founded by Mr. Obinna Isiadinso, a Harvard MBA and Mrs. Chioma Isiadinso, a former admissions at Harvard Business School and Carnegie Mellon University.  

Our book, The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets, has helped over 15,000 people navigate the challenging b-school application process.

Our MBA admissions consulting team has over 40 years of combined experience and includes former admissions officers that have served on the HBS admissions board, one of the world’s top b-school programs. Learn more

December 08 | 2016
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     By nualat 1 0

I really enjoyed working with Reyhan at Expartus! She was good at helping me pick out what story was best to tell and which areas I should focus on highlighting in my essays. We were fairly limited with time and as soon as I signed up we started working together. She was really efficient and gave me honest feedback, she didn't sugarcoat anything which I really appreciated. She was also great with helping me prep for the interview which very much felt like the real thing. I would really recommend working with Reyhan, I think the investment is worth it as I was accepted to my first choice, Columbia and was offered an interview with Stern (I only applied to two) which I had to turn down as I accepted Columbia. A massive thank you to Reyhan and Expartus!

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800 out of 800!
April 10 | 2017
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     By Anya47 1 0

I was working with Mollie and I couldn’t be happier about the results and the process itself.

To back up my subsequent claims right away – with Mollie’s help, I got accepted to Stanford GSB, which reported 5% acceptance rate last year. Also, I got rejected without interview the first time I applied myself, without any additional help.

I loved Mollie’s positive attitude and her approach. She is always available to answer any questions and her turn-around time is 24 hours or less. She helped me to find a right theme to convey my personal brand and to become memorable; all is so important when applying to highly competitive schools. At the same time, she is not doing your job for you and really keeps your own voice in the essays and application overall.
Mollie also was a huge help in preparation for interview. I felt extremely confident and prepared after having a mock interview with her the day before I went to a real one.

I loved that Mollie has limited number of clients at the same time, so that she is able to devote her full attention to everyone she is helping to. She is really compassionate and she really cares. I felt it all the way and I am so happy I had her support on my side. Also, Chioma, director of Expartus, is personally involved in each application and she read my final essay drafts and provided truly valuable feedback. I feel this is a very nice touch and personal approach that differentiates Expartus from many other firms.

I highly recommend Mollie and Expartus overall. In familiar to all of us GMAT terms, I rate Mollie and Expartus as 800 out of 800!

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     By amenani 0 5

I chose to work with Graham after a few informational calls with other consultants and I knew he would be great at getting me the personalized help I need. Graham is attentive, professional, and very good at getting to my story.

I really appreciated our first few sessions where we talked about all my life experiences (not just the successes), career goals, and what's important to me. The Personal Branding approach taken on by Expartus and Graham really helped me articulate my story and set me up for all my applications, including the ones that I completed myself in Round 2. Graham was very flexible in finding time for discussions, and went above and beyond in giving me opportunities to tap into his network to help me define my career goals.

I enlisted Graham's help for Round 1 with a two school package. In addition to helping me set up the backbone to all my applications, Graham actually read through my applications and set-up interview preps for the schools I applied to on my own. Ultimately, I was admitted to one of my dream schools and will be matriculating at a Top 10 MBA in the fall.

I think working with Graham is great for those who are willing to work hard and really want some good advice (and counselling) throughout the application process. I actually really appreciated the fact that he won't hand-hold, but will set expectations upfront, and be there whenever I needed help or some encouragement (the one thing I would say would be true for probably all consultants is that they get really busy towards application deadlines, which was a little stressful for me to not have full control, but I'm pretty sure Graham stayed up past mid-night to go over my and others' app during those weeks and made sure to answer my last-minute anxiety induced questions. If you are good at managing timing and expectations you would have no issues). He is very good at pointing out BS and tell me that something isn't working when it isn't. I felt that I dug deeper into my story and reached out to more contacts for advice and opinion at his encouragement, which ultimately helped me in more than just the application process.

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     By admitme123 1 5

From our first conversation Graham had a knack for opening me up and teasing out stories from my past that I hadn’t thought of in years. His open style allowed us to cover a large range of topics before honing in on what was really important to me and therefore what belonged in my application. Graham was consistent and reliable throughout all of our many conversations and we had a personal relationship that enabled us to speak of many things outside of my MBA. He even met me in person when I visited my target school. In addition to advice about my application Graham introduced me to several of his contacts in my chosen industry to whom I was able to speak prior to submitting my applications. Crucially these were people in senior positions that could give valuable, thought provoking insight.

In terms of the MBA application specifically Graham’s knowledge was particularly useful from two perspectives. Firstly he helped me maximise the value of every word in my essays. Secondly he knew exactly what the different admissions committees would and wouldn’t like from a cultural perspective, which was particularly useful as an international student because it ensured that my sense of humour came across as a strength rather than a liability.

I got in to my top-10 target school and will be starting next year! Looking back now from the end of the line I struggle to find fault with how Graham handled the entire process and can only express my thanks for everything he has done for me.

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     By BachaCat 0 5

Per a friend's recommendation, I engaged Mollie Wollin to assist with my business school applications. As a publicist by trade, my greatest challenge was implementing the appropriate writing style and tone for my first choice school's essays (a straightforward "goals" essay with a fairly tight word count limit as well as an optional essay). Fighting the temptation to lead with a pitchy hook and pepper my essays with flowery prose, Mollie helped me understand that a direct and confident approach was the best way for me to appeal to the admissions committee, especially given the word count limit. This was not an easy process for me - and Mollie knew this - but I'm so very glad that she pushed me out of my comfort zone. One thing to be aware of is that Mollie focused mostly on content and did not pore over my application with a fine-toothed comb to catch grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This could possibly be because I self-edit and adhere to a style guide for my job, so this may be different for Mollie's ESL clients or clients who are not used to writing for a public audience. Mollie's experience on an admissions committee proved invaluable after she and I conducted a mock interview. After the mock interview, she pointed out elements that would pique my interviewer's interest - things I would not have flagged as interesting myself - and helped me come up with a plan to weave those elements into my real interview. Two days after my interview, I received an acceptance phone call from my first choice school. I also received an 80% scholarship. After my interview, I learned that my nontraditional yet interesting background alone was enough for the school to extend an interview invitation, yet I am confident that my essays and the interview experience are what turned the interview invite into the admit and hefty scholarship.

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Admitted with Graham
May 16 | 2016
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     By MBASuccess 0 0

I first learned about Expartus through a friend, and couldn't be more thankful to have worked with Graham.

Graham focused on helping me develop my personal brand, which was key in demonstrating authenticity in my essays and anecdotes. He was always quick to respond to my questions, and went over and beyond during the entire application process. I honestly feel that I received more help than I had expected or paid for from Graham. He never counted the times we spent on the phone; rather he was focused on assisting me in every way possible. He also happily connected me with people within his network who could help me better understand the industry I wanted venture into post MBA.

Through working with Graham I was able to understand myself, and how to powerfully convey my key strengths throughout the application process. All of these contributed to my phenomenal admission success! Also, when it came to the interviewing stage, he gave me the best preparation I needed, which led to my admission to 3 schools - with a full scholarship from one of the schools!

If you are looking to GET ADMITTED, and are looking for someone who is passionate about getting applicants admitted to their top MBA choice, Graham is your man! He will give you the individualized focus, personal branding, and expert MBA advice that you need. I'll be going to a M7 school this fall with a full scholarship, and Graham played a significant role in this achievement!

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HBS 2+2 Acceptance
May 04 | 2016
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     By hs2872 0 0

As a senior in college, I worked with Expartus for my HBS 2+2 application. I chose to work with Expartus because of their experience and deep insights into the HBS application process, something no other consulting firm seemed to offer when I spoke with them.

I am extremely glad and grateful to have worked with Mollie Wollin. She is efficient, understanding, honest, and most of all - good at what she does. What I found most valuable was Mollie's ability to identify my strengths & weaknesses from the standpoint of an admissions officer, something only possible with an eye as trained as hers after reading hundreds of applications and interacting with so many applicants, whether as an adcomm member or consultant. This alone, is something working with a consultant offers that no amount of Googling, reading books, or talking with friends in b-school can provide you. Mollie was exceptional at strategizing in the entire process, always leveraging her experience and insights to find the best method of approach to every aspect of the application process.

As a very diligent applicant, I thought I could execute the majority of the application by myself well. However, only when I started working with Mollie did I realize how wrong I was and how much room for improvement there was. Mollie was instrumental in helping me identify my personal brand, our angle of approach to the essay, trimming my essay to make it as strong as it could be, picking strategic recommenders, redesigning my entire resume (as a senior, it was previously careers focused and not b-school focused), working with my recommenders to strategically highlight certain traits of me, and down to very specific advice such as helping me with very specific line items in the application, how I should approach a recommender, or things I should look out for during my on-campus visit. Mollie was also invaluable during the interview process, giving me resources to prepare, analyzing my strengths and weaknesses using her insights, and conducting a mock interview that was strikingly similar to the actual one.

An added benefit of working with Expartus was that I also got to work with other members of their consulting team. Chioma was also able to offer her thoughts based on her insights and experience through my essay and also prepared me well through a mock interview.

I got accepted into the HBS 2+2 program and give my highest praise for Mollie and Expartus.

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     By bluewillow 1 5

I'd done the initial free consultations with several well-known consultants. Because of my non-traditional background, they all told me to aim for a lower-ranked school, with the exception of Expartus. The folks at Expartus took the time to understand my profile and truly believed in my candidacy at the school of my choice, a top-5 MBA program.

With a month or so left before most application deadlines, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and only applied to my dream school. Thanks to Expartus, not only did I gain admission to the school, but I also received a substantial scholarship offer, which was about 20x times the amount I paid for the services.

The staff at Expartus provided me with more than just admissions consulting services. In a period of self-doubt, they were my biggest cheerleaders, and they were instrumental in helping me bring out the best in myself.

In conclusion, you really can't go wrong with Expartus. Thank you, Chioma!

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     By tonymartial 0 0

I worked with Mollie Wolin from Expartus on my apps and go into HBS. I got interviews from all 3 schools that I applied to (H/S/W) and I worked with Mollie for all 3 schools. If you're thinking of hiring a consultant for your MBA application process, stop reading this review and start working with Expartus. I can speak for the 3 schools I applied to - they really know their stuff. They know the schools inside out, are great at not just editing essays and helping prep for the interviews, but they actually take out the time to get to know you inside out and that reflects in the essays. Mollie is exceptionally helpful, extremely reachable (less than 24 hours response time) and very invested in your success. Another great thing is that the team has other great consultants (a lot of e ad-com members at top schools) as well so you get 2-3 pairs of eyes on your essay which leads to extremely valuable inputs. A big plus is their ability to filter out stuff that is not relevant to your story and make your story very coherent. I honestly can't think of a single day when I wasn't glad I was working with Mollie. I would recommend them 100%!

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HBS Prep with Mollie
December 11 | 2015
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     By Anonymous 12 6

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mollie, and am so glad to have found EXPARTUS. Chioma and the team are kind enough to provide candidates with a great deal of helpful content for free, and everyone should take advantage of the webinars.

I decided to work on HBS with Mollie because of the significance of the interview in Harvard's decision model. Mollie is a former HBS MBA Board Member, and she was able to ask targeted questions about the decisions I have made in my life up until this point. She read over my entire application prior to our mock, and pulled from various parts of the application to form her questions. I was really impressed with how well she knew my story and how easy it was for her to find the gaps, which ultimately were the questions that were asked during the real thing.

My favorite part about working with Mollie was how much she cared about the entire process. She went well over our allotted time to make sure I understood all of her feedback, so that I could prepare effectively. She asked me how the interview went, and helped me better understand the purpose for the post-interview response. And she checked in on December 9th with kind words hoping for a positive outcome.

I was admitted to HBS and couldn't thank Mollie more for her support. I highly recommend her for application strategy and interview preparation, particularly for HBS.

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