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Founded in 2002, EXPARTUS is the first MBA admissions consulting firm to use personal branding as a key part of the b-school application, essay and interview process.

EXPARTUS was founded by Mr. Obinna Isiadinso, a Harvard MBA and Mrs. Chioma Isiadinso, a former admissions at Harvard Business School and Carnegie Mellon University.  

Our book, The Best Business Schools’ Admissions Secrets, has helped over 15,000 people navigate the challenging b-school application process.

Our MBA admissions consulting team has over 40 years of combined experience and includes former admissions officers that have served on the HBS admissions board, one of the world’s top b-school programs. Learn more

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My semi-traditional background of having most of my work experience in my small family business was not necessarily the easiest to work with. However, in my free 30-minute consultation, Chioma and Reyhan were super straightforward in pointing out my strengths and weaknesses and how I should work with both of them to create a compelling story. I had scheduled an appointment with another consulting company, but cancelled it as soon as I ended our skype call.

I worked with Reyhan during my admissions process, only being able to do a couple of hours of consulting. However, they were the most useful hours in my whole process!! Reyhan was super understanding of my time restrictions, and was able to help me create a great admissions profile with such limited time. She went beyond her hourly duties to give me clear, strong advice on how to steer my essays and was spot-on on her comments and recommendations regarding my choice of recommenders (which for me, was the toughest part of my application).

I ended up only applying to my first-choice school, and got in with a scholarship! :) I know that for applicants coming from developing countries like mine, the investment in this service seems a bit out of reach. However, for me, it was completely worth it, and I received a whole lot in return!!!

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Got into my dream school
April 05 | 2015
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Some, but not all

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Consultant: Mollie Wollin

I looked at multiple admission consulting companies before choosing Expartus. This decision was one of the best I made during my preparation for business school.

The process was straightforward - I had an initial consultation with Mollie and decided to continue working with her. She encouraged me to spend a lot of effort on defining my personal brand, which helped me a lot later on, while crafting the essays and preparing for the interviews.

Mollie asked great questions, which helped me clarify the message I wanted to convey to the persons reading my applications. She constantly encouraged me to refine my essays, and as a result, I created multiple iterations. The first and last versions are night and day. It was also helpful, especially in the last days before deadlines, that Mollie was very responsive to emails. The interview preparation was also very useful.

When applying to the best business schools, every detail counts. That is why I am happy that Mollie pushed me to submit the best applications I could.

The costs of admission consulting services may be daunting when you are coming from an emerging market, like I am. However, I treated this cost as an investment: The total cost of attending the top 10 schools is roughly the same, and I asked myself if less than 5% of that cost was worth giving myself the best chance of getting into my dream school. The answer for me was yes, and I would choose Mollie if I had to go through the process once again.

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