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In addition to working with an Expert Coach, the Premium School Package includes guidance by one of our former Admissions Directors at critical stages of the MBA application process.

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January 15, 2021

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Super helpful, would recommend.

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Heidi helped guide me through the admissions process and gave me a good understanding of what admissions departments look for in MBA applicants. I was applying to selective programs (M7/T10), and wanted to make sure I was putting my best foot forward with applications, so opted to go for the premium package. Heidi's help with essays and interview prep was invaluable, and she was instrumental in my success. I received acceptances to two of my top choice schools, in no small part due to her feedback while crafting my story for the programs I was applying to. Highly recommend her!

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June 11, 2020

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5+ Star Review for Emma Bond


I took the premium package service with Emma Bond. I received offer from my number one target – LBS. Overall, my experience working with Emma has surpassed my expectation.

Emma is a superb writer. As a former admissions director who has reviewed hundreds of thousands of applications, she knows exactly how to turn your thoughts into words that the admission officers like. Her use of words is beautiful but concise. I often struggle with the word limit, and every time she was able to help me get down to the requirement without impacting the depth of meaning I wanted to convey. Sometimes I even felt that I only needed to simply write down my thoughts and Emma would always have the magic to turn them into pieces of art.

Emma helps you come up with the right story. We had a brainstorm session for each school that I applied and each session was a pleasant for me. Emma is a good listener and helps you identify the spotlight in your story. She also has great attitude. I remembered I wanted to change the entire logic and structure of my HBS essay midway through the process and she had no complaint about it. She worked diligently with me on that essay and we were able to achieve a satisfactory piece of work in the end.

Emma is professional and responsive. I remember even when she was in the middle of her vacation at a place where WIFI is super limited, she still got back to me as soon as she can. At normal times, she returned work within 1 day even though the official turn-around requirement is 2 days. It really helped me achieve tight timeline. Additionally, many other consultants usually took recommendation letters lightly, but Emma spent time with me and my recommender to come up with the right materials in application.

If you’re applying to LBS, Emma is no doubt THE best consultant you can find in the market. As a former admissions director, she knew the inside out of LBS. She still maintained direct contact with insiders. I was not very confident after my 1-on-1 interview, and she was able to ask feedback from the current admissions director which gave me a huge comfort. Emma knows exactly what LBS looks for and will give you the best chance to get that offer.

Finally, Emma prepares you well for interviews. The LBS video interview is tricky and high demanding as it requires candidates to respond promptly on the spot. Emma went through the interview process with me twice and made me confident enough to face the challenge. I still remembered the feeling when I was doing the real thing – I felt calm, well prepared, and excited to answer the questions.

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May 15, 2020

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The Perfect Coach

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I was lucky enough to work with Heidi and transform from being someone unfamiliar with the idea of business school to an admit to both Harvard and Stanford. Heidi was the perfect coach throughout the application process. She asked thought-provoking questions that helped me introspect and develop a compelling narrative. She also is mindful of details and deadlines, and she turned around comments and edits on my drafts in record time.

Heidi is very knowledgeable on the nuanced differences between different business schools and the decision criteria of the admissions committees. This helped throughout the process, but it was especially apparent when preparing for interviews. Business school admissions interviews are unlike any interview I've experienced before, but Heidi's guidance and mock interview beforehand prepared me well and kept me at ease.

Five stars for Heidi and Fortuna - if you're about to embark on the application process, you'll want to have them in your corner.

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May 15, 2020

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Melissa - Bestest for INSEAD


My MBA journey started with a free consultation call to many international MBA consultants. Being an Indian male engineer with an avg GMAT score, none of the consultants made me feel confident that I could make it to my dream school INSEAD. To many of them, INSEAD was not within reach and I was recommended to have a package for 4-5 schools.
And then I had a call with Matt from Fortuna. We had an hour discussion and within few minutes, he highlighted the skills that I have to secure a place in Fontainebleau. He was so confident in my profile and was so optimistic towards my dream, not for a second he made me feel that INSEAD was not in reach. That confidence I got from the call with Matt changed my outlook and made me so optimistic. It made me realize that MBA is way beyond the GMAT test and I could leverage the strong professional and leadership experience I have and turn that into a sparkling application.
Then, I got lined with Melissa, and I can’t say enough about her as a coach. She is encyclopedia for INSEAD. She knows exactly what the school is looking for. She has focussed only on my strengths throughout the process. Though the stories and achievements were mine, but the way she displayed those in the application made a real difference. She is very honest, and at all times she provided her genuine feedback and support. I was intrigued with her knowledge of INSEAD admission process. She took my mock interview and my actual interview was the replica of the mock. I can say for certain that if INSEAD is your dream school, then Melissa is a no-brainer.
Lastly, I would highly recommend Fortuna Admissions to the prospective applicants if you are looking for a consultant to go in your dream school. Fortuna has all the ingredients to make your dream true! Right from the consultation call to the final review of your application from the director is an amazing journey that one would like to be a part of.

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January 06, 2019

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A Great Experience With Great Results


When I was researching into the application process I came across Fortuna Admissions. Initially I discovered them from online searches, however an old friend of mine was a former client and confirmed they were a great service.

I was paired with Sharon and it was a great fit. We started just before the Summer with a goal of first round applications being completed by start of September. I am very busy with my career so having a strong supporting team to help organize my application efforts was a tremendous help.

I work best with goals and schedules. Sharon quickly adapted to my working preferences and helped me set goals and dates to accomplish various tasks. At the end of every session I would have my "take aways" and a set date I needed to have it done by. At the start of every session we would review the work I completed on my own time in an environment and pace that worked best for me.

When I received my first interview invitation it was almost unexpected. The deadline had been a few days prior, so to hear back so soon was quite shocking (albeit a great one!). That being said, I had a business trip already planned and had to opt for their earliest time slot. This gave me a little over 24 hours to be fully prepared. Sharon was able to accommodate my rushed time frame and I walked into the interview confident.

Overall my experience with Fortuna Admissions was great, and I will be recommending them in the future to my colleagues. Thank you Sharon!

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December 30, 2018

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I approached Fortuna Admissions wanting to work with the best consultants and resources to maximize my chances to attend a top business school. After interviewing multiple consultants, I was paired with Cassandra. From our first meeting to the last, she engaged me and my story on a personal level. She pushed me to understand my own story and challenged me in a positive way at every stage of the process. Outside of her genuine interest in understanding her clients at a personal-level, Cassandra is a master wordsmith. Through interfacing on multiple iterations of essays, we worked collaboratively on creating intellectually and personally-rewarding statements. Together with Judith, the team that I worked with at Fortuna exceeded my expectations. Every meeting was helpful, every question was answered thoughtfully with an underpinning of experience, and, most importantly, every interaction was a joy. I would recommend them to all.

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September 01, 2016

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Melissa at Fortuna is fantastic!


I decided to apply to INSEAD with just over 4 weeks remaining before the next deadline. So I reached out to a few firms for initial consults and Fortuna stood out from the beginning as being most knowledgeable on INSEAD.

Matt gave me great insight on the admissions process during the first meeting and was very genuine in setting expectations. He put together an action plan very quickly and connected me with my coach - Melissa.

Melissa is an amazing coach and she previously worked for INSEAD admissions which was very re-assuring to begin with. I ended up taking her help on INSEAD as well as HEC (was admitted to both). She really took the time to understand my background and helped me identify the best talking points and come up with a strategy. She was very encouraging throughout the process and was always quick to provide feedback on essay drafts and to respond to questions. At the end Caroline gave my essays a second review and knowing that a previous director of admissions at INSEAD blessed my application was very comforting when I finally hit ‘Submit’.
Working with the team at Fortuna was the best decision in my application process and expect to take my learnings from the experience well beyond the applications. I recommend them to anyone exploring the journey of MBA applications.

Thank you for all your support and guidance!

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