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Books and Admissions Guides Review
Quant and verbal guides
October 01 | 2017
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     By devikeerthansr 254 198

I loved the detailed explanation in every book. Basics were explained thoroughly. Example problems in maths were really good. It took some time for me to complete all the guides. I felt like reading a dictionary though! But it was really worth it. Veritas learning philosophy is learning by doing. Business schools have long featured the Case Method of education, providing students with real-world problems to solve by applying the frameworks they have studied. The
Veritas Prep Learning by Doing method is similar.You will spend your time applying skills and concepts to challenging GMAT problems, at the same time reviewing and better understanding core skills while focusing your attention on application and strategy. The Case Method in business school maximizes student engagement and develops higher-order thinking skills, because students must apply and create, not just remember. Similarly, the Learning by Doing philosophy maximizes the value of your study time, forcing you to engage with difficult questions and develop top-of-the-pyramid reasoning ability. Really amazing guides. Thanks Veritas.

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Books and Admissions Guides Review
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     By Bhavya Shah 0 0

I have used Veritas books and online tests as well as mobile app. It's materials are most logical and it feels as if they know what you are thinking and have crafted the material accordingly.

The system is good, works as you would expect.
- Unlike MGM, Veritas has moderate level Math questions, this actually helps you retain the level of confidence that you ll end up having in the actual test.
- The question bank is broader than other test platforms. This means that your scores don't get affected by non-availability of questions in the question bank, leading to you scoring extravagantly high.

the test interface is not the best in class. The answer descriptions are small and ambiguous at times. Having said these things, I believe they are not a deal breaker.

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