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A Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year award winner, Amit has helped over 700 students and taught 75+ GMAT course equivalents in London since 2006. Loved by many of his students for his endless patience, and by others for his funny-but-effective examples; Amit is known among his students for explaining each concept intuitively. As one of his students puts it - “Amit can make the most complicated problem seem nothing more than a few simple steps and has the wit to make the whole process fun.” 

Amit received a Master of Research from London Business School and is currently working on a PhD in Operations Management from London Business School. As an avid adventure sports enthusiast, Amit loves to push his own boundaries across aero, water and mountain sports whenever he manages to take a break from his GMAT course teaching and academic research.

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GMAT Course Review
Veritas Prep Full Course - London
September 23 | 2012
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: London
Consultant: Amit Kakkad

I am very pleased with the Veritas Gmat Full course which I attended this summer, and consider it to be a very good investment towards my overall GMAT score and subsequent professional career.

In particular would like to highlight that Amit, our instructor, was extremely good in providing us with the right tools in learning, understanding and cracking the test. Example is I found out very useful the SWIMMER technic in approaching CR questions, and feel now much more confident in facing the verbal part.

Further Amit managed to add to every lesson the right sense of humour and positive attitude which made the 3 hours session much more interesting and easy to comprehend. In conclusion I would be please to recommend Veritas to other GMAT takers.

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