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June 01, 2016

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Adjust your expectations and choose your consuntant wisely


The $7,000 price tag on Veritas Prep’s services (4 school package) made it very hard for me to choose to work with them. I spent a long time weighting pros and cons, but I ended up taking that step because I felt that, since this was probably my last chance to apply to business school (I had already applied to those 4 schools before), I wanted to maximize my odds of getting in.

I must admit that what made me choose Veritas instead of other consulting firms was, in equal parts, the fact that they appeared more established in the market (I didn’t want to shell out all that money to someone without a track record) and their whole marketing system. The way they sold the Head Consultant + School Specialist + Director team set them apart from the other firms in my mind. However, they did fall a bit short of my expectations. The Director review never had any actual impact on the application (it was basically just a reassurance that it was okay). The helpfulness of the School specialists varied greatly from school to school.

As my Head Consultant, I worked with Anjali Shah and she was great throughout the whole process. Anjali was very methodical and organized and working with her was very important to keep me on track. Whenever I needed her feedback or support, she was quick to respond and her help during the brainstorming stage was key to flush out some stories that might not have been the ones I would have told if I was working on the application on my own.

I ended up being rejected without interview by the 4 schools that Anjali worked with me on. However, I also applied on my own to 2 other top schools that I had not applied before and I was accepted by one of them. Even though this school was not included in my initial package, once Anjali heard that I got an interview, she still provided me with very helpful guidance that I believe was one of the reasons for my success.

Would I have achieved the same results without my consultant? Who knows. However, I do feel that if you don’t have a solid group of friends who have gone through the business school application process to help you and you want to maximize your odds of getting in, your safest bet is to hire a consultant. Having said that, it is important to have the right expectations and to bear in mind that the price tag on the admissions consulting service is only worth it if you feel that the consultant gets back to you quickly and adds value to your application. And because Anjali does exactly that, I definitely recommend working with her.

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June 09, 2015

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Anjali Was Great


I can Say this with 100% certainty that I would not have gotten into IE Business School in Madrid, Spain (ranked #12 in the world 2015) if it had not been for Anjali. Believe me that she had her work cut out for her with me. I have a solid professional background, conveying my story in the essays was difficult (especially since IE requires 4 instead of 2). She helped me navigate the waters with the correct strategy and was very extensive in her feedback. I didn't feel like I was being short changed at all. I recommend her and Veritas if you want to get into a top program. Good Luck fellow b-schoolers!

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