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Highly recommend
April 05 | 2017
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Consultant: Anya Gezunterman

Square One Prep was very helpful and a great resource throughout the application process. I started working with them in November and they helped me get together 6 applications for round 2 deadlines; which I wasn’t even sure was possible. During my introductory call with Kathryn, she pointed out some holes in career story and how I might struggle with a 690 GMAT score. These were useful, necessary things for me to hear.

I worked with Anya throughout the process and she was great. We got along very well and she was on call for me 24/7 during those 2 months. She helped me craft great stories for my essays, radically improved my resume with a lot more detail and always provided useful comments. By the time interviews came around, I felt confident and very prepared.

I ended up getting into 2 of the 6 schools with substantial scholarships, and being waitlisted at 2 others. I was very happy with the result and am eager to start in August. I know that I could not have completed all of the applications with such diligence without Kathryn and Anya’s help.

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