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What do you do when you’re the best GMAT instructor in Omaha?  Unless Warren Buffett puts you in charge of his finances, you branch out to conquer new territories, and that’s exactly what Bill Robinson has done.  The Veritas Prep record-holder for “most time zones taught” – he’s taught in Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Germany as well as all across North America and online – Bill has been the “nomad of number properties” since beginning to teach for Veritas Prep in early 2008. 

An avid soccer player an fan of both kinds of professional football/futbol, Bill is a regular contributor of content for the Veritas Prep Question Bank and is a co-author of the Veritas Prep GRE curriculum as well.  Having lived the life of George Clooney in “Up in the Air” as a world GMAT traveler for years he’s recently put down his suitcase in sunny San Diego, but continues to get his fix of teaching the world by tutoring students online when he’s not posted up in a Southern California classroom.

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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Anaheim, USA
Consultant: Bill Robinson

I completed the Veritas Full Live Course (3 hours/day, 2 days/week, 6 weeks) with basically no prior preparation. The class included a full set of prep books, an online portal to homework assignments, practice tests, office hours, and other resources.

My instructor was both a great teacher and made the class fun (which is important since 3 hours of GMAT prep can otherwise feel like a long time). The teaching methods helped me better understand different types of questions and approaches.

The class took a lot of pressure off of me by simplifying the teaching methods and presenting everything in a very structured, clear way to allow me to focus my energy on applying the strategies for practice questions to improve.

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