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April 24, 2017

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International student from Asia


- Received admission with scholarship from Haas (target school, engaged Blake as the consultant).
- Beside, received the offer from 3 out 4 schools applied

I pondered the question whether i should engage consultant for long time too. From my experience, that will help if you face the same challenge as I used to:
- No experience on American school application which look at the holistic overview of candidate, not just based on the score/test result
- Being too humble (yes im serious, this is a typical East Asian 'problem' that I discovered thru consultation sessions)
- Also, please dont expect your consultant to be essays writers. They are there to help you discover ourselves by giving advice and asking right questions, knowing yourself very well will be the key to pass the Interview.

Blake was my main consultant for Haas application, who was exceptional in any aspect and had a great understanding on international student from Asia like me:
1. He was not just an admission consultant, more like a career coach
- If you make up your mind and go for consultation service, my advice is: engage early.
- Blake at the start spent time to make sure i was clear about my career goal, and encouraged me to fill in the gap since we had about 5 months away from deadline. I think it was the deciding factor of my success

2. Blake gave courage
- I was struggling to get >720 GMAT score at first (the Haas average: 717). Honestly, every time I failed, the call with Blake made me feel much better and picked myself up for another trial.
- One time Blake had a hear-to-heart conversation with me, when he recalled his own struggle with GMAT. I thought it was very touching: and at the next time i finally got 730 after 4 times of trying.

3. Blake asked great questions
- I think this is the greatest quality of a consultant: help us to discover mistake, be better by asking us questions
- By asking right questions: he helped me to discover a better way to handle the essay question, be crystal clear about WHAT and WHY Ive done, doing and will do things. Guys, it's super important so I need to repeat it twice: with clear understanding not just WHAT but WHY, you will ace your interview easily.

Nitin was my second consultant for application review and mock interview. I would like to recommend Nitin for 2 reasons:
1. Nitin gives professional feedback
- Although I have gone through the application and mock interviews with lots of my friends, none could be compared to Nitin as he gave much more constructive and very practical feedback
- As the competition is tough, good feedback is more important than anything else

2. Nitin always reminded me about the big picture
- Nitin came in as the final touch point before big day: application day or interview day, so he reminded me to take a step back and made sure i wouldn't lose my big picture: my long term and short term target, my strengths and i must focus on the strengths. Of course, he offered some examples on how I should do it.
- I think such advice is the key to differentiate me and other candidates.

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