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Cliff has helped more than 500 students prepare for the GMAT and has won the coveted Worldwide GMAT Instructor Of The Year award. He created all the instructional materials for the Veritas Prep Live Online GMAT courses, and is the voice behind the popular Veritas Prep On Demand self-study video lessons. When Cliff’s not pursuing his two most prominent passions, teaching and playing trombone “semi-professionally” in a jazz band, he takes advantage of the perks of living in the San Francisco area - fine cuisine, skiing in the Sierras, and admiring the palm tree that grows in his yard.

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Cliff is the BEST!
April 05 | 2014
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Consultant: Cliff Smith

I have taken Veritas Prep with Cliff Smith twice. First time was back in 2003 where I scored a 710 after taking his class. Second time was in 2013 when I scored a 740 after taking his class. He is incredibly patient and focused on the key topics and strategies to take you to that next level. His Cliff's Notes are incredibly helpful on topics you haven't learned in 10+ years. Most of all, he is very supportive and responsive to questions and concerns when things aren't going well. I ended up having to take the GMAT twice this time around because I did not get the score I wanted on the first attempt. He helped me diagnose what might have happened to me on the actual exam and I went back, retook it a month later and got the score I wanted. Thank you Cliff!

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