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January 27, 2019

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Dedicated team who cares about your success


I chose SOP because of great feedback from a friend. And I was not disappointed.
I worked with Kathryn, Crystal, and Haig. All were very passionate about my application and my success.
There were many times when I felt stressful and could not produce the work as agreed previously.
They encouraged me to try further and allowed me more time, which means that they needed to reschedule their own time.

When I decided to buy another school package, within only a few days, Crystal helped review my application even though she was on her holiday! I felt so grateful for that. In the end, I got an almost full scholarship from this second school. Thank you so much for your help, Kathryn, Crystal, and Haig!

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January 09, 2019

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Kathryn and SquareOnePrep Recommendation


I’m so glad I had support from SquareOne. Even during the free consultation, Kathryn spent hours to learn about my background, provided honest feedback and discussed her approach on how she would present my package. I knew instantly I didn’t have to shop around.

I chose Crystal as my consultant. As a Wharton graduate, she was able to share valuable insights on how to present my personal achievements and career narratives in the package. It was an overwhelming experience when I was constantly challenged and pushed to open myself up and show the authenticity in the essays, but that’s what adcom appreciates and made your application stand out in front of the committee. Have fun with it!

I didn’t have a great gmat score to show for, but I got interviews from all of the 3 M7 schools that I applied to. I still remember the night before my first interview, I had mock interview with Crystal for hours till mid-night. After I was waitlisted from one of the M7, SO team worked their magic again. They have a structured strategy to help you get off the wait list. And I did!

With years’ experience, SquareOne has a comprehensive structure to guide you through varies steps including school picking, narrative building, interview prepping and managing waitlist situation. I can’t appreciate enough of what SO has done for me. I would highly recommend Kathryn, Crystal, and the whole SO team to anyone looking to work with an admissions consultant.

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December 19, 2018

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Could not have done it without SOP!


When I first started the application process, I have no idea where to start. Coming from what felt like a slightly nontraditional background (non-business undergraduate major and startup experience), I struggled with how to tell my story in a compelling way. That's where Square One Prep came in. Everything from choosing schools, to defining career goals, brainstorming essay topics, structuring my resume and interview prep, the time I put in working with Square One Prep has more than paid off. Crystal helped me to make my application a unique package that detailed who I was a candidate and my goals for attending business school, as well as how I would thrive and contribute to the programs. Working with Crystal and Kathryn on my applications gave me the confidence I needed to be successful in my interviews. They believed in me and pushed me to put my best self forward in my application. It was an incredible feeling getting the acceptance phone calls from Fuqua and Darden. I could not have done it without Square One Prep, and I am THRILLED to be admitted to two of my top choice schools!

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May 08, 2018

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It's more than just an Admission Letter to your dream school

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I got into my dream program with a fellowship and am very grateful for all the support I got from Crystal (my advisor), Kathryn, and the team!

When choosing a consulting service, I called at least 6 different companies but no one was confident with my choice of schools - a very well-known company even advised me to go with a (far) safer school which I’m not interested in at all. And after those initial calls, their reports are flooded with ads and pricing for their service rather than focus on my competence and the plans ahead. Kathryn is different. She immediately addressed strength and weakness based on my CV in the free, initial call, and respected my choice of schools even it could hurt their published record.

I chose Crystal as my advisor and this was an excellent match! I’m a procrastinating kind of person, and Crystal was there to push me all the time. She gave me tough love and very honest feedback during the entire process. I used to think that with a consulting service, I would find it more relaxing in applying for top schools. Right and wrong! Wrong because your advisor and Kathryn challenged you constantly to aim for the best, which means you have to spend more time researching for the career narrative, improving your LORs while working with your recommenders, or practicing your mock interviews until they are perfect. Right because it would have been impossible for me to achieve such a very high quality of work without SquareOne.

You can find all the positive feedback for SquareOne here and there, and while I certainly agree with most of the reviews praising the team for helping people get into their top choice schools, there is one thing I want to add which is totally unexpected and I’m glad I chose Kathryn’s service - that I’ve learned a lot throughout the process.

I’ve learned to think more critically about whatever I said or wrote - in the career narrative or in the essays. That’s why my writings usually have 6-7 rounds of revision with many comments like “this doesn’t make sense.” I believe it will continue challenging my thinking in the business school and beyond.

I’ve learned to be more self-confident! Some people told me that if my work title isn’t “Something Manager,” my chance to a top-10 school is very slim! Through discussion, Kathryn made me believe such statement is invalid! And my leadership skills are proven through many experiences/activities that I would totally overlooked if SquareOne weren’t there evoking them.

I’ve learned to push myself harder to achieve the best result. There were many times I honestly just wanted to hand in a mediocre piece of writing, but Crystal and Kathryn were there to ensure everything submitted had to be in its best shape! And we did just that - they were both committed to my application no less than myself and I’m so grateful to have them with me.

Coming from a developing country, I know that it’s a lot of money for a consulting service, but trust me it’s worth it. Even before the schools’ decision dates, when I asked my wife “How if we get rejected for all schools we applied for, do you regret that we used SquareOne,” and she replied “No, I think you’ve learned a lot along the way.” Yes I’ve learned a lot in my MBA application journey, and the happiest moment of this journey was when I got the midnight call from my dream school, congratulating me for the admission and a fellowship!

Thank you SquareOne!

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January 17, 2018

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Square One Prep for a Reapplicant

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I was referred to Square One Prep after being on multiple waitlists but no offers from any of my dream schools in a previous application year. The Square One team was instrumental in identifying weaknesses in my previous application and ensuring I wouldn't make them again. My consultant spent hours helping me dig deep to understand the nuances of why I wanted an MBA and helped me convey my personality and career goals in a succinct narrative in my application and interviews. I will be attending one of the schools that did not accept me in a previous application cycle and I could not be more excited. I believe Square One Prep's guidance was the difference. Thank you for all your help!

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April 24, 2017

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Square One Prep


I strongly recommend Square One Prep for anyone going through the MBA application process. From my very first call with Kathryn, I could tell Square One was not like other MBA consulting companies. I come from a non-traditional background and was unsure of the strength of my application. Instead of focusing on a specific score or one part of my application, Kathryn took a holistic approach during my initial consultation. She was the first consultant I talked to who didn't crush my dreams of a top-MBA program because of my lack of a high GMAT score. From that moment forward, Square One was instrumental to my success. I was paired with Crystal as my one-on-one Advisor. Crystal was very knowledgable about the entire process and was great at helping me frame my overall story and craft impactful and powerful essays. She was willing to work on as many drafts as necessary to make each essay perfect and her honest feedback and suggestions were critical in pushing me to put together the best application possible. In addition to essays, Crystal helped me narrow down my list of schools, gather my recommendations, questions for school visits, and interview prep. Crystal's commitment to my success was evident in everything she did. I ended the process with clarity about my future and acceptance into a top MBA program.

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This reviewer has not participated on GMAT Club but it is a REAL person and a REAL review. GMAT Club has verified this test-taker's identity through GMAC/Pearson Vue Score Reporting system and confirmed that this reviewer indeed took the GMAT, is unique, and has not submitted multiple reviews.
January 10, 2017

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The game changer!


Reaching out to Square One Prep was without a doubt the best decision I made during my long and challenging MBA application journey.

I reached out to Kathryn months before I was ready to apply (I was actually still preparing for the gmat).She had helped a friend succeed the prior year, so she came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. She made herself available right away for a call , I told her that my dream school was Wharton and that I needed help. She honestly told me that I needed to improve my gmat score and even provided me with gmat prep tips!
I was not even committed to Square One Prep yet, but Kathryn freely offered advice and did check-up calls with fme or months. Once I got a decent score, the time to put my application together arrived, and I can tell you, Kathryn and Crystal were as committed as I was throughout the whole process. always available , rooting for me and helping me every step of the way. Without them I never would have crafted a career narrative that had such thoughtfulness, ambition, and honesty. I knew what I wanted to do generally. but I didn't know how to materialize my goals to help my home country using my background skills. With Kathryn and Crystal's help, I came up with the perfect solution. They pushed me to really dig deeper and introspect, not just with my narrative but with all aspects of my application.

When I got the interview invite , Kathryn and Crystal were there up until the night before the interview to tell me that Icould do it and help me prepare.

Today , i have been admitted to my dream school , Wharton-Lauder !!
It simply would not have happened without Square One Prep.

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