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This review is for: Kaplan GMAT Prep - In Person
Location: Miami, USA
Consultant: Gene

I started my GMAT studies on April 2015, paid for the in-person class.
Kaplan was great to build my foundations on the GMAT, but after studying all of their material I still could not reach 700.
I started with a 490 and slowly climbed up, by mid-January 2016 gave the official GMAT a shot and got 640, but on my practice CATs I was getting 660-700.

Their customer service was great, and teachers do respond on time. However I had to email several teachers at once until I found one that really helped with my study strategy, Gene was awesome!!!!. The others did reply with some strategies but not as tailored as I would´ve want.

I went to the in person classes and then took the online classes. I think the online classes were wayyyy better, its easier to make questions because the peer pressure is not there, you can take screenshots, and its easier to be on time for classes.

Overall, I would say Kaplan is great if you have no idea about the GMAT and want to score in the 600-650 range, of course it depends on your needs. But for higher scores I think its hard. However I do have 3 friends who scored 710 on the GMAT thanks to Kaplan.
On my side I had to pay another $75 for some Manhattan extra CATs and more questions but that still didn´t get me far, I´m still at the same score after studying for 4 more months.
I purchased the $50 GMAC exam pack 2 and got 650 on the practice CAT.
So even though I don´t want to spend more money, I will purchase The Economist GMAC complete plan ($719 with the discount), they offer a +50 point guarantee, let´s see how that goes and hopefully that will get me into the 700+ club.

I´m extremely tired of studying for the GMAT, it will have taken me 1.5 years of dedicated studying. But the finish line looks so close that I´m still not giving up.

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