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July 22, 2019

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Hands down the best in the game!!!


When I first started the search for admissions consulting services, I searched online and read review after review. Every single review I read seemed to be the normal response..."I couldn't have done this without their help, etc". I called a few consulting services for their free evaluation but I always felt like they were interviewing me to see if I fit inside their box as if they had a formula to follow. I wanted to find a service that had a proven formula but also one that was unique to me. I stumbled upon Square One Prep and with each review I liked them more. I reached out and spoke to Kathryn and after one phone call I knew Square One Prep was the one.

You get to choose a few consultants to interview before you are paired up and after speaking to Jeannice Tse, I wanted to work with her. I can't say enough good things about her. She was with me from start to finish.

The application process is long and tedious especially if you are applying for multiple schools. There were peaks and valleys . When you get an essay full of red scribbles or an email that says scrap this and start over, you start to second guess if this was the right choice. They are there to fully support but they do give honest feedback so know yourself and your style beforehand I followed Jeannice and Kathryn's lead and I couldn't be happier.

Trust me on this. Square One Prep. You won't be disappointed. They are the real deal.

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March 06, 2019

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Highly Recommend SOP

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Jeannice was an amazing consultant and the rest of the team, Kathryn and Bailey were extremely helpful. They helped me figure out my competitive advantage/story, stay on schedule, and maintain high quality output. They also set communication expectation from the beginning and went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. The premium service was particularly helpful since I was not coming from a traditional MBA background and had average GPA/GRE scores. There were few other consulting services I scouted out and in the end went with SOP. I felt a real sense of ownership and confidence in them that I did not quite find in other firms. The high price was definitely of a concern but in the end, it was so worth it. I got accepted into 1 out of 3 MBAs (all top 10).

They helped me find my best narrative and stay focused on emphasizing my strengths. The school packages they provide in the beginning were insightful but countless calls are what made the difference. For instance, to narrow down my career aspirations, we had 4 phone call sessions dedicated to figuring out what path I wanted to follow and why. They were extremely patient with me and asked me thoughtful questions that acted as a great guide. It did not feel like I was creating this figure that was not myself. They brought out the best in me and helped me pitch my unique story.

They have a very reasonable schedule that I felt productive and never rushed. This helped me make sure that I gave recommenders enough material and time, while giving myself enough time to think through the prompt and my ideas for the essays. Jeannice was flexible enough to work around my schedule and Bailey checked in on me on a weekly basis ensuring that I stay on track.

One of the best part of working with Jeannice and Kathryn was that I knew the end product would be superb. They were both very honest with their comments and gave detailed feedback for me to improve upon. I knew that they both would not let me settle on an essay that was not good enough or simply mediocre. That kind of confidence is what I really appreciated from them.

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