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December 26, 2019

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Admitted to Wharton


Worked with Aringo on my application to Wharton. My consultant Kfir was very helpful in the sense he took time to understand my story and also got me to tell it in the best way possible. I honestly don't think I'd have been as effective without him, especially with my essays. We were working against tight deadlines but he did give it his full attention and in a very timely manner. The Aringo process was also very value adding in the sense they got a Wharton alum to review the submission and also had a mock TBD discussion. All in all Kfir was very pivotal in me getting admitted.

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March 12, 2018

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A Great and Deep Interaction


So far, I still could not believe I can achieve my dream school. But I know that without Aringo and my consultant Kfir Catalan, I can never get there. Before that, I firstly would like to thank Chaya Pomeranz, the CEO of ARINGO International. It’s her effective work that made me catch the deadline of my first school and also it’s her who introduced such a wonderful consultant for me, Kfir Catalan. The communication with KC is very efficient enjoyable. He always gave me constructive feedbacks within one day. Also, he is very clever. He understands how to analyze the essays and what schools really want to know. He also taught me how to combined traits of different schools with my advantages in essays. Besides, he is very patient. Generally, all of my CV, every essay and even the LinkedIn had more than ten versions. Also we had very frank talk about different ideas of essays and tried to achieve agreements though communication. Finally, he is highly responsible and strict. We did more than 10 times of mock interviews for each school and every time he gave me the feedbacks based on my performance. Even sometimes I already found the answers were good, he still hoped to be more perfect. I think today’s victory was the endeavor of KC, Aringo and me. I really appreciate Kfir Catalan, Chaya Pomeranz and Shimri Winters. For those candidates who are still hesitant, just choose the Aringo and you will find it will be really worthy.

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December 29, 2016

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Excellent Service


I got the hourly service and the school packages as well. Through the consultant the provided me I got an excellent service. He was always available to discuss the essays with me, being very proactive and willing to work, even on weekends.

In the school packages, there are a full set of services included. You can rely on them to have mock interviews and have your essays and other documents by other people on their staff.

I totally recommend their services, with their support I was admitted to more than 5 top MBA programs, and finally, I decided to attend Wharton.

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