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Highly Recommend!
July 13 | 2017
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This review is for: Square One Prep Premium Service
Consultant: Kunal Moudgil

I shopped around quite a bit before choosing SOP and working with Kathryn and Kunal, and I am 100% sure I made the right choice. Thanks to them, I got interviews at all 5 schools I applied to (HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, Haas), and I got into 3 of them (Wharton, Booth, Haas)!

Some highlights about my experience:
- Going in, I did not really have a clue about why I wanted to pursue an MBA, or what I wanted to do longterm. Kunal and Kathryn took an incredible amount of time to get to know my story - personally and professionally - and helped me brainstorm in order to get to fundamental truths about myself and what I was passionate about. This then led to a much more compelling story I could tell in my application, with pride and authenticity.

- Kathryn planned a thorough schedule and really helped me stay on track so that I would not be scrambling last minute to submit applications. As someone who is a compulsive procrastinator, I was particularly impressed by how they were able to push me to meet their deadlines and make sure I wouldn't be overly stressed as the school deadlines approached.

- Kathryn and Kunal provided honest feedback on my essays throughout the process, and only signed off on something when they thought it was truly ready. In one case, I had to go through 7+ essay revisions before they were happy with the product, and that made me feel very confident in what I was submitting.

I highly recommend working with SOP - they helped transform my candidacy into one that was competitive for the top schools, and they helped me learn valuable insights about myself in the process!

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     By kelly77 0
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This review is for: Square One Prep Premium Service
Consultant: Kunal Moudgil

I recently found out that I was admitted to my dream school, NYU, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Square one Prep starting with the founder, Kathryn Lucas. Since the day that I inquired about the services that Square One provided and even though I didn’t end up using her services at the time, she stayed in touch with me and was a soundboard to me for the next four years - all for free.

When I decided to start the grad school application process, the first person I thought of was her, and although I didn’t immediately contact her she followed up with me, and her timing of reaching out to me to see how I am couldn’t have been more perfect.

I knew that I was in good hands from the beginning of the application process till the end making an overwhelming process easy to navigate. I was matched with an excellent consultant, Kunal, and he was nothing but encouraging and excited to work on my application. He took his time to understand my background in order to help me create the right tone for my Statement of Purpose. I could not be more thankful to him for keeping me focused and for providing invaluable advice and feedback as I crafted my essay and resume. He was also indispensable in guiding me and my recommenders through the LOR portion of the application, which was much trickier than I thought it would be.

I’m so happy and beyond thankful that I never lost contact with Kathryn and that she never lost interest in following up with me, a true display of rapport that speaks volumes of her and Square One Prep. Thank you Kathryn and Kunal for helping me reach my long term goal at my dream school!

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     By japco 43 8
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This review is for: Square One Prep Premium Service
Consultant: Kunal Moudgil

“Sorry but top 10 schools are out of your league” – this what I heard every time I talked to an admission consultant until I found Square One Prep.

From the beginning I knew I would need some help with my applications. First, I have never written any essay in my life; the education system in my country was very focused on exams and tests rather than essays. Second, my extra curriculums where rather weak as students clubs did not exist at my university. Finally, I am not acquainted with any MBA alumnus or alumna meaning that I would be totally alone going through the whole process.

For some months I had a list of my top 3 dream schools on my mind – Berkeley, MIT and INSEAD. Before I chose SOP I talked with at least five different admission consultant companies including those big ones. They all told me that with my profile (an engineer, week extra curriculum, working in a startup) there is not a slightest chance getting into any of above mentioned schools. They were happy to work with me but if I choose schools from the top 30. Because I am not the youngest candidate I believed that only a top school will get me closer to my goals. Kathryn was the first and only person who really believed in me although she acknowledged that it would not be an easy ride.

I was offered four consultants to choose from, but after talking with Kunal, I felt chemistry between us. I was sure that with him I can’t fail! He was very devoted – on a few occasions he called me at midnight his time, due to time difference. When many other consultancy companies offer you up to four reviews of an essay Kunal went thru some of my papers over ten times. He was not only an advisor but also a mentor for me and he was as much involved into the whole application process as I was.

Honestly, I never thought I would have a privilege of choosing between Berkeley and MIT. Thanks to Kunal, Kathryn and Square One Prep team I was admitted to both of them.

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