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Lainie received her bachelor’s degree in American Studies at Columbia University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She was the editor of both her high school and college newspapers and always knew she wanted to write. 

Lainie’s career has followed two frequently intersecting paths. As a writer and editor, she co-authored a non-fiction book and has worked for several periodicals and news organizations, including Travel Holiday Magazine, New York Magazine, Career Insights, and the Jewish Telegraphic Service. A certified teacher, Lainie has had the privilege to work with adults and children in a variety of learning environments for almost 20 years, most recently as a teacher of writing.

Lainie has been involved with the business world through her husband, who has built his career in the field of finance. 

Being a consultant at Aringo enables Lainie to utilize her talent and experience in both writing and bringing out the best in people. She finds the best part about this job is the clients, who are always interesting and demanding. 

"I like being able to help capture someone's essence on paper. It's exciting, like being a photographer…" 

Interesting fact: Lainie and her husband are part owners of "La Terra Promessa" Winery.

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October 26 | 2017
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Consultant: Lainie Cogan

All of Aringo's staff was very helpful and efficient from day 1.
They don't play games or sell you stories. They are able to capture the strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy quite accurately and set achievable expectations based on their long experience in graduate school applications. They know exactly which schools are a good it for you.

I really enjoyed the process since my consultant (Lainie) is very skilled and responsive, so I never felt that we were coming close to a deadline without having a 100% perfect final product. Plus, she never gave up on me after endless back-and-forths on essays.

I 110% recommend them! Guys, thank you so much for helping me get into my top choice school!

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Consultant: Lainie Cogan

When I sought to realize my dream to study at one of the top schools in the world, I decided to go through the process with the most professional support I could get, in order to achieve the best results.
I was fortunate enough to face a dream decision - Chicago with a full scholarship versus Stanford, and I know that a great deal of it is thanks to Lainie, my consultant who supported me throughout the entire process: the dedication, professionalism, availability, and ability “to get into my head” in order to translate my experience into the best application possible.
I have no doubt that in such a competitive environment, when demand for top programs meets new heights each year, it is of utmost importance to seek help with experienced consulting services in order to maximize one's chances for success. I feel that Lainie helped me convert what previously seemed only as a dream to reality.

I had a great experience with Lainie, and wholeheartedly recommend working with her!

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