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Matt, who was Veritas Prep’s 2010 Worldwide Instructor of the Year, is one of the most experienced GMAT prep instructors in the industry, having taught classes up and down the West Coast from San Diego to Vancouver, and having traveled as far as Hong Kong and Dubai to teach. Perhaps most of all, he enjoys hosting Veritas Prep’s Live Online GMAT Office Hours, allowing him to answer specific student questions and provide individualized feedback. He now makes himself available to GMAT students around the world with his free live online G-Matt Mondays events, which run every Monday at 7 PM Eastern.

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May 12, 2016

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Definitely Recommend!!! Loved the tutoring by Matt!


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Matt Douglas

Location Online

My instructor was Ravi. He was absolutely amazing and his enthusiasm for the subject was contagious. He gave everyone a chance to ask questions, and his explanations were excellent.

I also recommend Veritas Prep because of the daily homework sessions or office hours. This is the BEST. After the course is over, you need to drill, drill, drill. I would drill every day, and then at night I would log in to the office hours, and Matt the tutor would answer any questions I had, as well as provided great tips for improvement in my speed and in the way I tackled problems. He knew everything! I can´t thank him enough for his patience, dedication, and love for the subject. The homework sessions are an untapped resource. Many times there were only a few students who logged on, so we had a lot of personal attention. And even when there are many students, you still get a LOT of benefit, because you see other problems and how to solve them.

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November 04, 2012

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Matt Douglas

Location Pasadena, CA USA

I really enjoyed the class. Matt Douglas is a fantastic teacher. Veritas is very helpful because you can take the class twice during a year. The books are great. Jenny in the office is insanely helpful. I had to go to Utah halfway during the class and she was really helpful getting my needs met. Matt is insanely smart. I learned a lot from him. The class size was small and I got lots of attention.

The online material is pretty good and they have lots of online stuff that is helpful. Veritas books are very indepth. Veritas has online and on the phone support that you can contact.

Matt reads history of math books for fun and he had lots of great little tips and tricks. Veritas is the most expensive system out of all of them but I think it's well worth it.

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February 09, 2012

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Matt Douglas

Location Anaheim, CA USA

i really liked that they offer a free course retake, which i counted on and ended up doing. you can choose to do your retake as a full course (like i did) or for people with less time, do the intensive weekend crash course (a popular choice). veritas offers the most in-class hours and practice exams than any other prep company (17). be aware that the practice exams they offer aren’t all theirs–2 of them are the free ones you can get directly from the gmac; 5 are from 800score, which you can also purchase from them; and only the remaining 10 are veritas…that’s still a lot though.

they also have a ton of great resources like diagnostic tests, online lectures (helpful if you miss a class), etc…and i personally think they have some of the better looking materials/branding (not that that’s important to your score in the least). i’m not sure if they’re still doing this, but since veritas offers admissions consulting services as well, you could also enroll in their one-day consulting seminar where you meet with some of their consultants, learn admissions strategies, and can ask questions. when i went last year, i heard they were thinking of discontinuing that because they said it was cutting into the consulting business.

by enrolling in the course, you have access to all those resources and get a complete set of books. there are 15 books and you go through 13 of them in-class. each book alternates between quant/verbal and the class structure also follows this format. the 2 books that aren’t gone through in class are both quant–book 0: math essentials and book 14: advanced word problems & quant review.

in my 2 classes i had 2 different teachers and i really liked my first teacher matt douglas. he’s so goofy and dorky and just made the class kind of fun. so if you’re in the san diego area, try to get him. i’m not sure how the other instructors differ, but between him and my other teacher mia mciver, matt spent most of the class going through problems from the book whereas mia had a slower pace and tried to spend a lot of time teaching the concepts.

i wanted to take a class to keep myself accountable. these classes are not cheap…at all. some of them offer free trials where you can sit in on a class on the first day and decide from there whether to enroll. i know both veritas and manhattan gmat do that. when i retook my veritas course, one guy was doing the trial and asked me for my input on whether he should fork out the dough and enroll. i told him then, and i’m telling you all now–the classes will not do anything for you unless you put in your due diligence. even though i told him this, toward the end of the class, he lamented that he thought his score would dramatically improve. there are plenty of people who self-study and do very well on their own…a prep course is definitely not needed. if you are self-disciplined and studious, i would say you don’t need to take a class. and even if you’re like me, you still need to self-study. like i said in my previous post, the average top bschool student put in an average of 100 hours on the gmat…that’s a lot of studying.

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