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GMAT Course Review
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This review is for: Math Revolution Private Tutoring
Location: Seoul
Consultant: Max Lee

I had 10-hour private tutoring class. It was great time to me because when I took GMAT test, I had hard time in finishing all the math questions on time but since I realized Variable approach and IVY approach, I was able to solve all the questions on time and I found 10 min still left before the exam ends. I love Variable approach for DS. This is fantastic method!! Tutoring session was very helpful. Math Revolution provided me with detailed study guide after assessing my math skills through diagnostic test. Interestingly they always wanted me to send hand-written solutions to exactly find the where my weak areas are. When I told them my target score was Q47-48, they said I am not ambitious. They said I can hit at least Q49 and up to Q50. I was wondering where their confidence was coming from, but it was true. I hit Q50 which was my dream score.
The tutor, Heejean, was very helpful and taught me very well step-by-step. I realized that I could improve my math week by week. They also provided me extra questions exclusively for tutoring students. 700+ level questions were not difficult toward the end of my study. These questions are super amazing! They support tutoring as a team. For example, Heejean is the tutor but Max Lee (founder) also supports for special tutoring pack questions. JH (President) also helps and motivates me and handles any other non-math questions. Jin, customer service staff, was super!!
They not only support tutoring but also all my email questions. Just trust Math Revolution. If you follow them and believe Variable approach, you can surely achieve your target score. Special thanks to Heejean, Max, JH, and Jin for taking care of me very well for past two months.

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GMAT Course Review
Math Revolution is a must
November 01 | 2015
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Location: Online
Consultant: Max Lee

Hey guys,

I studied GMAT for a couple of months but was not getting the score I wanted, especially in the math section but after going through Max Lee's Math Revolution courses, I finally achieved the score I want, 51 on Math. Before taking his course, I was getting low 40s but learning his Variable approach for the DS section and IVY approach for the PS section, I finally understood the GMAT math concept. I took other prep courses but it was all waste of time and money. Just listen to my advice: Take Math Revolution course and you will be done with GMAT. Thank you very much to Max Lee!

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