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April 20, 2015

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I really enjoyed working with Veritas Prep on my application. I only applied to Wharton and got in!

My Veritas consultant's diligent, focused and methodical approach to helping develop and structure my story was essential to my application. I had a general idea of what direction I wanted to take it in, but needed assistance in streamlining my ideas to a point where I could successfully develop a concise and effective story. I had told my consultant from the start that that is what I needed most help with and I was very happy with the thorough process we went through. She was patient and supportive all throughout, which I very much appreciated.

Furthermore, I felt like Veritas was very much on my team throughout the process and focused on my success. Whether it was answering my questions, helping change course in the middle of my essays, or providing feedback on my essays, I appreciated the level of commitment and dedication they showed to my application. In fact, the day before the application was due, we had to scramble to completely revamp my second essay and successfully did this with as minimal last-minute stress as possible.

As far as the specifics go, I would say the first unique and key aspect of Veritas' service offerings is the levels of support they provide. You actively get an opportunity to work with your main consultant, school specialist, and head school consultant, who all review your essays and the latter two help with interview prep. These multiple touchpoints provide a range of perspectives on your essays and interviews, and really allow you to put forth a strong, well thought-out, and properly reviewed application. Secondly, I would say my consultant was particularly helpful in the actual build-out of the essay, taking my ideas and helping shape them into a strong whole. Furthermore, the group interview prep provided by Veritas was absolutely first rate. The overall advice and firsthand feedback that the head consultant provided during the mock interview was incredibly useful.

I have no hesitation in recommending Veritas Prep to anyone looking for a first rate consulting service!

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